Medical Technology Startups In The European Union

Medical Technology Startups In The European Union

The global MedTech industry is approximately half a Trillion U.S Dollars, with the majority of the market share held firmly by Europe and the USA. MedTech industry in Europe had an impressive trade surplus of over 12 Billion Euros in 2019. By 2080, the proportion of people aged 65 or above will increase by 29.1% and 12.7% for people aged 80 or above. These changes in demography will have a profound impact on how the MedTech sector of Europe will develop in future.
This report briefly captures how startups disrupt the conventional healthcare and pharmaceutical sector by using the power of technology and innovation.
It briefly reviews the relevant current economic and demographic scenarios of the hotspots in the MedTech sector. The report also features a curated list of startups with an innovative idea and approach and much more.
Venture Capital Landscape in European Union, MedTech Edition is highly recommended for any investor who wishes to explore the latest investment opportunities in the European MedTech sector.

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    Venture Capital Landscape Reports are a brief guide on the current startup scenario along with profiles of startups with promising financial and growth prospects and impact relevant economic factors. Each report in the series caters to a single niche or category, in a specific region at a time, and provides relevant must-knows required to support the investment decision-making process. 

    The startups profiled in the reports have not sponsored their way in, and the decision to include them is purely based on merit and available info.

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